Francesco Beretta – OntoME: Building Conceptual Models as a Community

OntoME: Building Conceptual Models as a Community in the Perspective of Historical Research Data FAIRification In this talk, Dr Francesco Beretta (LARHRA – CNRS / Data for History) addresses the issue of interoperability of data generated by historical research in order to make them re-usable for new research agendas (FAIR principles). He discusses the reasons […]

Olivier Marlet: MASA Consortium: Building the Tools and Protocols for Open Archaeological Datasets

Olivier Marlet from the MASA (Mémoires des archéologues et des sites archéologiques) consortium presents OpenArchaeo, a successful use case of integrating archaeological datasets in France, dealing with the technical, social and epistemological questions this entails While participating in the European project ARIADNE+, the MASA consortium is committed to helping French archaeologists to disseminate their data on […]