Virtual Online Seminar Schedule

All interested in these topics are invited to join in the seminar and the discussion at the following times  in our online meeting space:

September 11, 202011:00-12:00 (GMT +3)Open Data in ArchaeologyFranco Niccolucci (PIN)
September 25, 202011:00-12:00 (GMT +3)Pelagios and RecogitoElton Barker (The Open University / Pelagios Network)
October 9, 202011:00-12:00 (GMT +3)MASA Consortium: Building the Tools and Protocols for Open Archaeological DatasetsOlivier Marlet (MASA)
October 23, 202011:00-12:00 (GMT +3)iDAI.worldWolfgang Schmidle (DAI)
November 6, 202011:00-12:00 (GMT +3)Pompeii Artistic Landscape ProjectEric E. Poehler (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at New York University) and Sebastian Heath (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
November 20, 202011:00-12:00 (GMT +3)OntoMe: Building Conceptual Models as a Community in the Perspective of Historical Research Data FAIRificationFrancesco Beretta (LARHRA – CNRS / Data for History)
December 4, 202011:00-12:00 (GMT +3)Arches Platform for Archaeology: Challenges and PossibilitiesTBD