Francesco Beretta – OntoME: Building Conceptual Models as a Community

OntoME: Building Conceptual Models as a Community in the Perspective of Historical Research Data FAIRification

In this talk, Dr Francesco Beretta (LARHRA – CNRS / Data for History) addresses the issue of interoperability of data generated by historical research in order to make them re-usable for new research agendas (FAIR principles). He discusses the reasons for adopting the CIDOC CRM as a core ontology for this field but extending it with some relevant high-level classes. Finally, he shows how collaborative data modelling carried out in the ontology management environment OntoME makes it possible to elaborate a communal fine-grained and adaptive ontology of the domain, and presents the vision of a Data for history consortium constituted in 2017.

Background information:
Projet “FAIR data” en histoire
OntoME – Ontology Management Environment
Data for History Consortium

Links in the talk:
“People in the Digital Age” (Digital Prosopography)
OntoME Data dump example
Geovistory Toolbox