Eric E. Poehler and Sebastian Heath: Pompeii Artistic Landscape Project

Dr Eric E. Poehler (University of Massachusetts Amherst) and Dr Sebastian Heath (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at New York University) present the Pompeii Artistic Landscape Project (PALP). PALP is an online resource, based in a Linked Open Data (LOD) format, to encourage sitewide discovery, mapping, analysis, and sharing of information about […]

Wolfgang Schmidle:

The German Archaeological Institute (DAI) has developed, a system of open access webservices for archaeological data, based on and themselves open source software. The talk will focus on (1) data services including Arachne, a large database of archaeological objects, (2) idai.field, a system for documenting excavation data, and (3) norm data services for data […]

Olivier Marlet: MASA Consortium: Building the Tools and Protocols for Open Archaeological Datasets

Olivier Marlet from the MASA (Mémoires des archéologues et des sites archéologiques) consortium presents OpenArchaeo, a successful use case of integrating archaeological datasets in France, dealing with the technical, social and epistemological questions this entails While participating in the European project ARIADNE+, the MASA consortium is committed to helping French archaeologists to disseminate their data on […]