About SHeRD

Semantic Heritage Research Data (SHeRD) is a group constituted to research, test and promote methods and tools for the creation of sustainable data, in order to support scholars and research institutions to manage the digital transformation in historical and archaeological research in Greece. The group’s effort naturally focuses on research related to the Greek world understood in a large sense, while its overall methodological efforts aim for reproducibility and compatibility with broader international efforts. SHeRD aims to create a space for interested researchers and individuals from the foreign schools, research institutes, and the academic world, as well as stakeholders in the community to join together in this effort.

The group’s focus will be on the formulation or adoption of standardized methods and tools to store, query and maintain valuable research data over the long term. Towards this end, it will take input from international principles and practices, such as the FAIR principles (Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable) and the use of semantic technologies to create Linked Open Data. By exploring and promoting these methods, SHeRD should foster better practice so as to facilitate: research innovation, data sustainability, data accuracy, better institutional data management and the economic viability of data management. It is envisioned that SHeRD will be an incubator for cooperative agreements on standards and principles, as well as inter-institutional collaborations and will help generate momentum and direction for its members in creating digital lifecycle strategies.